Rough D.R.A.F.T. ....the editorial

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........In seek of new management-
The Street Chiefs has recently separated from their long time manager,
basically he was fired. Let's just call it a "conflict of interest".
After talking with the Chiefs and asking how they felt about it
this is what the Antagoniss had to say,
"Well first and foremost he did a lot for us but we reached a point where
we weren't going in the same direction".
Sound like a bad relationship. What he really wanted to say was
"Our old manager ain't about shit, matter of fact he full of shit
and if we stay around we won't amount to shit."
So i said "man forget all that sugar coating how do yall really feel."
"aiight, aiight straight up and down he not taking care of business like he should.
He preoccupied with his other group, So we feel like what we need him for.
We can do nothing by our damn self."
Federal had something else to say about how their ex-manager is trying to
destroy the "Tribe", by telling people not to work with the Chiefs.
Federal assured me that no man or anything else can stop the Chiefs.
"If somebody trying to stop our progress they better hurry up and
close the window, before somebody fuck around and catch a cold...
...Nothing more than a D.R.A.F.T baby"

........ New Member-
Unleash a long time friend of the Street Chiefs. Was officially made a member of
the group. The funny part of the whole thing is Street Chiefs
was the name he came up with. Unleash which had already been featured
on three songs felt he should of been made a member long before now.
He said because he lived so far away and wasn't able to be with the "Tribe"
like he should he understood the group decision not to make him an member.
The Street Chiefs said Unleash will be the last ingredient. As far as original members go.

August 22, 2001
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