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"Our Dues   ...Paid In Full

Just So yall updated:

The StreetChiefs have completed their first album. 3,500 were sold out the trunk. All the money collected from sales has been used for traveling expenses and for promotional
items. It’s hard for people to understand that the first album wasn't created to generate Profit. It was created to establish a foundation, a true fan base if you will.

The first Album was a testement to truth, faith and love of hip-hop. The production
on the album was done by an assortment of producers none of which were paid for
thier beats. The album was mixed and mastered, practically for pennies. So the
StreetChiefs decided to keep the album close to the origin of it’s lyrical contents.
So there’s no RADIO version
, there are no REMIXES, No Bling-Bling, No Moet,
No Love songs. The Album is “thug cause I got to” music, it’s “work 60 hour weeks
and still broke” music, it’s “juvenile delinquency and teenage pregnancy music
”, “No matter what I’ll survive life in the ghetto” music. That's the reason why the
Album was titled “C.H.I.E.F.S”. Which is an acronym for…

Causing Hell In Every Fake Society!!!  

Posted: 11.21.03

Song Playing: StreetChiefs – What Yall Want

The Street Chiefs are a six man rap group originating in the San Fernando Valley. They are sure
to bring a new flavor of rap to the west coast hip hop scene. The Street Chiefs have been
referred to as the new west coast trendsetters. The group has been together officially since
late 1997. Going through the many ups and downs of the music industry the Street Chiefs made
plans on becoming more than just artist. They did some internal reconstruction and decided to start their own record label, D.R.A.F.T. U.  Records. D.R.A.F.T U. is composed of the first letter of every member name in the group. Dala, Ransom, Antagoniss, Federal, Triflon and Unleash.

The Streetchiefs have performed in countless showcases through out Las Vegas and the Los Angeles area. They have headlined with Mr. Cheeks at the Crush Bar in Los Angeles. They most recently headlined with Amanda Perez at the Key Club in Hollywood. Streetchiefs were also the featured unsigned artist on the website was a website that was designed to help give unsigned musical artist a spotlight. The national syndicated show was aired on the cable network USA. Every month the person or group with the most votes is given the opportunity to perform on the television show. The general public was responsible for casting the votes. The StreetChiefs gathered a total of 7,168 votes. Their performance was so good that the producers of the show decided to air it the same day they aired interviews of the musical artist at the 2001 Soul Train Awards. The StreetChiefs are will be
featured on the cover of the December, 2003 issue of Undiscovered a new hip-hop magazine.
Bo, formerly Yung-Dala, is the youngest member of the Street Chiefs. His youthful energy and on stage antics is what makes people want to see the Street Chiefs live. He is also known for his freestyle ability. His laid-back, slightly rugged delivery allows you to walk in his footsteps. He may no longer be referred to as “Yung-Dala”, but he is definitely the "Yung gun" of the tribe.
 Federal was the spark that started the inferno which made the Street Chiefs more business orientated. He began buying studio equipment and setting it up in his apartment bathroom, since then Federal has become the main producer for the Streetchiefs. He is also active on
the lyrical side of things, bringing the street perspective and everyday hustle to the table.
Qualo the oldest member brings a sense of maturity to the group's vibe. He is described as the vocal leader, the mouth piece of the group by the other members. The poetical overtones in his lyrical content have a way of making you see things through his eyes. Qualo also calls himself the Antagoniss, whom he says was created to act in opposition to the business side of the rap game. Qualo is responsible for designing and maintaining the website
Next we have Ransom who is self described as the catalyst of the group. Ransom is a perfectionist, who pays a great deal of attention to the small details. His lyrical content has
a ways of consuming the audience and his high-impact style of delivery always seems to
provoke some sort of emotion. Ransom is also a producer for the group.
Triflon who is the founding father of the Street Chiefs. Triflon's smooth harmonic flow helps
to smooth out the rough edges of the group's vibe. His lyrical content has been described as simple but the intensity of his delivery is what captures your attention. Triflon is the accent mark, the exclamation point for the Street Chiefs.
Unleash, was the last member to join the group. He has earned a tremendous amount of respect for his rap style. His ability to rap without rhyming, but you usually don’t figure that
out until you have heard his verse three or four times. Unleash’s delivery is a contradiction
to his stage name. But once you listen to the content of his verses you understand how
he got the name “Unleash”. He is also credited with creating the name Streetchiefs.